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Business Analysis and Valuation

  1. Requires 3 years of Tax Returns and/or P&L Statements
  2. Several Methods of Valuing your Business
  3. Most likely requires thorough Inspection as well
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Strategy
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Reports

Preparations To Selling The Business

  1. Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment Lists
  2. Pertinent Inventory Reports
  3. Preferred Asset or Stock Sale?
  4. Franchise Agreements Transferrable?
  5. Building or Property Leases
  6. Corporate or LLC Resolutions
  7. Most likely Competitors
  8. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis
  9. Any Known Business Defects
  10. Required Confidentiality

Marketing the Business For Sale

  1. Prepare One-page Summary for Prospective Buyers
  2. Develop Marketing Plan
  3. Compose appropriate Advertising for Websites or Media
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Building
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Plane

Qualifying Buyer Prospects

  1. Search Prospective Buyer Databases
  2. Prepare Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  3. Arrange Buyer Interviews and Profiles
  4. Conduct Buyer Financial Review with Credit Report

Showing the Business and Negotiations

  1. Preliminary Discussions with Interested Parties
  2. Coordination of Prospective Buyer Visits
  3. Leading Actual Seller / Buyer Meetings
  4. Assistance in Deal Negotiations
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Numbers
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Plan

Preparing Offers and Purchase Agreements

  1. Drafting “Letters Of Intent” (LOIs)
  2. Coordinating Draft of Contracts
  3. Developing Transaction Timeline

Conducting Due Diligence

  1. Assembling Due Diligence List
  2. Development of Checklist and Contingency Sign-Off
  3. Assistance with Due Diligence Processes (As required)
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell People
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell Flow Chart

Assisting in Arranging Financing

  1. Pre-Qualification of Buyer
  2. Consulting to Develop Business Plan and Financial Projection
  3. Interfacing with Preferred Lender Representatives
  4. Working with Other 3rd Party Sources (As required)

Closing the Buy/Sell Transaction

  1. Providing Documents to Escrow Company
  2. Review of Closing / Escrow Package
  3. Coordinating Closing Process
  4. Assisting with Business Transition Plan
Cottonwood Commercial Biz Buy and Sell

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